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Panels at Sakura Con

Hey kids now would be a good time to plug some panels at Sakura Con this year.

First is the panel I'm involved known in the schedule as "The Crossplay Panel." I will be one of the moderators for this panel along with Hazel_Secrets and hopefully more. I think it will be a laid back kind of panel. We'll share our experiences with cosplay and talk about things like:

(these are ideas I JUST came up with)
When, how and why we got in crossplaying characters of the opposite sex.
Tips on crossplaying, make-up, accessories, how to "pass" (this will all be PG13 BTW)
Tricky things to work on (like facial hair shadows)
Funny stories
How to choose characters to crossplay

Also in light of some comments on a forum recently, I thought it might be important to discuss the backlash or rather dealing with folks who just "don't get it" and/or don't like crossplay.

I think we'll have a photo slide show of us in costumes at some point during the panel too.

In no way are we experts, and I know for a fact there are others who are more talented than us in crossplay (a guy at AO comes to mind), so anyone is welcome to come and listen, and also offer their own tips and insights as well as experiences. The more the merrier!

The panel will be in Workshop 1, room 206 at 2pm Friday March 28th.

Immediately following us will be:

"Cosplay Photo How-To" on Friday, March 28th at Sakura-Con! In Workshop 1, room 206 at 3:00 PM!

Featuring Darkain and friends--in the same room!

Still working on photos--I just got back from Ocean Shores. Sang some Neil Diamond, Depeche Mode and Beatles at a karaoke bar there lol!

Also I'll probably be trimming a couple of wigs this week.

That's it!


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Mar. 24th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
Hey Carlos, this is really random, but you are going to be at Fandemonium again, right? What about NDK? I miss seeing you! I think abotu you at karaoke all the time because I always think, "Damn, I'm not going to be able to sing this anymore once I'm in the states... I won't if Carlos can learn how to play it... >.> <.<"

X D <3
Mar. 24th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
I'm almost certain to be at Fandemonium. Borneo would be happy to have "Ani-Mu" come back, and hopefully Hector will be able to come this time, because we did really well at AO. Also Ichidan was talking about me videotaping Kingdom Hearts 3 for them.

NDK...mmmm I dunno I don't think so as of now. I think it's getting too crowded there at that venue and I don't like the fact the venue is so far away from the airport. Plus I don't think I could get days off of work for that AND Fandemonium. Tomodachi Fest though is almost definite since I get off Thanksgiving day and Black Friday already so I don't have to ask for days off.

Oh yeah if you want me to learn a song let me know which one and I can work on it! :)
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