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Lum & Ataru at UW...no wait...at Gasworks!

Okay so we tried to organize a cosplay shoot at UW even though it was late notice. But it was pretty just me and Kumi-Chan again with Klint as photographer. Kumi-chan brought delicious Onigiri and Tamago which was nice and sweet. We did wait around until 3pm at UW, so when we thought no one would show, we decided to go to Gasworks Park to take photos of Lum and Ataru, even though the main part of the park was closed off since they were testing for sediment and stuff.

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So I apologize if anyone showed up later and we weren't there.

We ARE planning to do another shoot probably a month from now, maybe at Gasworks or somewhere else, so I'll let you know ASAP!

UW Photoshoot still on!

Just to let you know we're still having the shoot at UW on Thursday! I'll just repeat some of the stuff, plus updates:

We're wearing costumes from Rumiko Takahashi series like Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura. If you have any costumes from these series or Inu-Yasha as well we'd be really happy you could join us. If not feel free to wear any cosplay costumes you'd like. The more the merrier. It's the same day as the FMA movie showing at Pacific Place in the evening, so of course FMA cosplay is cool.

It'll also be like a picnic kind of thing, so please bring something such as snacks, a dish or a beverage of your choice. Kumi-chan plans to bring rice balls.

We're deciding to gather between 11am and noon. Later on we may go to University Village to eat dinner somewhere and look around.

We'll meet at the HUB (Student Union Building). Here's a map:


Probably right outside the entrance if it's not raining. If it is raining, then inside. Cool?

Kumori Con photos

Kumori Con photos are all up:




I got off my lazy butt and put AX photos at Cosplay.com but you've all see those. I'll put more cons up soon. Will start edit NDK photos tonight. Right now got to finish the AE report...


Hi folks!

Me and Kumi-Chan want to have a cosplay photoshoot at the University of Washington on Thursday the 20th of this month. Sort of like an end of summer thing. Yeah I know it's like in ten days, but we're hoping some people would like to come.

We're wearing costumes from Rumiko Takahashi series like Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura. If you have any costumes from these series or Inu-Yasha as well we'd be really happy you could join us. If not feel free to wear any cosplay costumes you'd like. The more the merrier.

It'll also be like a picnic kind of thing, so please bring something such as snacks, a dish or a beverage of your choice.

We're deciding to gather between 11am and noon. It'll be like a picnic kind of deal--bringing food and snacks, so feel free to bring something too! Later on we may go to University Village to eat dinner somewhere and look around.

In the meantime have a look of us cosplay at Aki Matsuri:


There are some real gems of photos taken by Klint. You can spot them right away! The campus had some good locales, and the tea ceremony house inside was a great double for the Tendo Dojo! We had fun, so we want to continue the fun with more shoots.

I'm in Cosmode AND Shojo Beat!

Hi folks just a quick news flash for those who read manga/magazines.
I told you about me already being in Cosmode magazine #17. Here's proof:

And I mentioned before I would be in Shojo Beat as well in the October issue, so here it is!:

Yeah they even quoted me, AND they plugged Anime Oasis as a bonus! This really cheers me up. I was kind of down because of going to cons--will anyone will remember my costumes or me playing music? I didn't think so, but being in magazines sure does help. Yay.

first AE pics

Went to Penny Arcade Expo today in Seattle. My friend B got me a free pass just for today. I checked it out--it's all games. Yeah I know that lol! Just not up my alley, so I got bored and left early. I got a handful of pics. But I've never seen so many gamers and they kind of look all of the same hahahahahaha...

And you know if I count this as another convention, with KC and NDK, that would be TEN cons this year.

Definitely going to cut back next year. I'm starting to feel overworked from all of this writing and editing photos. Not 10 cons next year, but definitely half of that for sure.

Sunday's Anime Evolution pics are up:


Includes Anime Idol finals, plus my 2 person Ranma shoot with Shampoo! That was fun. Me and her,we're planning to do more Ranma, UY, MI cosplay together in the future I'm very excited. Plus something special for Sakura Con next year but it's TOP SECRET! I cannot tell anyone right now!

I show you a fave pic of her as Shampoo:

Maybe if all goes well with that, I won't have to rely on so many crossplays. Oh don't worry I still have several crossplay ideas, but now I have more regular cosplay ideas too!

more pics to come...

more anime movies on big screen!

Hey if you liked seeing the Naruto movie on the big screen there's more to come:


Robotech Shadow Chronicles and FMA the movie in September, both in Seattle and Auburn one night only! Robotech movie will also show in Bellingham!

Sunday's AE pics should be up in a couple of hours! I need an anime break--Maison Ikkoku. Ciao.

Another great AE...and bonus!

Hey folks I got back home last night from Canada around 2am. Our Canadian friend Paul took us to a Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver after AE was over, so that took some extra time.

Anime Evoultion was again a lot of fun--they estimate about 4200 in attendance.

Brief highlights:

Got a laugh at the opening ceremonies when the MC took a poll "guys in the audience, girls in the audience, guys dressed as girls" raise their hand, I did as I was cosplaying Tomo!

Playing music at midnight on campus on the steps, then Darth Vader shows up, walking up the steps...OMG...

hanging out at the Maid Cafe, getting compliments on Shin Ani-Maid by a guy and his dad, and chatting with one of the pretty waitresses.

Taking photos up front at the Back-On concert dressed as Nana Osaki, later singing many songs at karaoke, ending the night in the dorms with pizza and Screwdrivers, and coming up with my own drink too.

Having a One-on-One interview with Back-On themselves, asking them a lot of questions, getting an autograph and group photos, me included.

A two-person Ranma shoot, with the cute lady who was Shampoo, and was previously Lum and Kagome. Only 2 of us, but me being Ranma really brightened her day as she lost her wallet that weekend, but she was happy again when she saw me. Now it's possible she could make it to Kumori Con.

Finding a DVD set of the Devilman anime from 1972 in the dealer's room--only $20! On top of that I got a bunch of giveaway anime tapes and Soundtracks on cassette too from the same dealer. Most of them are classic titles too--I have plenty to watch now.

The results of the Walk-Off? Hmmm...maybe I should wait on that. I told him to retire...

Ending the trip with a Chinese feast and a bottle of TsingTao--can't get better than that. No border/custom troubles whatsoever!

BONUS: getting back to B's place. He showed me a magazine called COSMODE, a cosplay magazine from Japan. ISSUE 017 featured photos from AX, and our friend Picakuma is featured in there as Akuma from Street Fighter. Looking thru other photos I say: "Hey that's me..." I'm wearing my Yamato/Star Blazers uniform! It's small but it's there--I'M IN A JAPANESE COSPLAY MAGAZINE...WOW. So if you have a copy of Cosmode issue 017 it's a collector's item now lol...

took over 600 photos, so I'll get to working on them. I got to finish the Fandemonium report tonight...or tomorrow.

Um that's all I can think of right now--I want to take a look at the photos. See ya!

AX con diary...and stuff

At last my con diary of what went down at AX is here:


Pretty soon will be Fandemonium diary and report next month, plus maybe some other stuff.

AE is coming! My pals Hector and Klint plus the one known as "B"--we'll be going together up to Canada Thursday night. AE really hasn't disappointed me yet. We may get to have an onstage jam session sometime just have to confirm it. Also may interview the musical guest...

I told folks I'd have an Ichigo Kurosaki costume for AE, but it's not ready yet, so I'll have to retract that. It won't be ready until NDK, but at least I'll have it for that con. Just have to figure out a way to bring my Zangetsu with me... And I do appreciate the work the creator is doing to make it for me. All costumes and accessories are clean or have been cleaned. I have to reattach buttons on my BG uniform as some of them fell off. But everything pretty much is ready.

Now to rest.

pics and more...

Hi I put up the rest of the Fandemonium pics:


And here is Ani-Music Unlimited's Fandemonium concert in it's ENTIRETY:


The accoustic part sounds really good--it was mixed really well. Of course when I'm talking I talk low, but vocals aren't bad. The only flub was in the middle of Eyes on Me, when my lyrics fell off the stand. I had to stop to pick it up and then continue. People applauded prematurely, and I said "I'm not done yet." The first part of the pre-recorded isn't as loud since those were recorded with less bass. After that I added more bass. Glamourous Sky was so-so but I gave it a try--it was cut short in the video above but that's okay. The rest of it is good I love how the Code Lyoko song came out as well as Headmasters.

I'm very pleased. Never thought I'D be on YouTube...