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Hey kids how's it?

Well there's a little bad news from the world of Soul Candy. We were going to play GK 10 for it's 1st year anniversary (despite all my reservations about it), but I know you need a park permit to do so. So we were prepared to do just that and the band would pay the fees--maybe around $200. But unfortunately there is another requirement: liability insurance. And we would need to buy a policy. According to the park guys it could be between $200 and $400! So that's like a possible $600 just to play some songs in front of a bunch of geeks in a park. We decided it's just too expensive of an endeavor at this time.

So no performance at GK. We're disappointed but we'll get over it. Just ridiculous to have to pay to play. GK is not the type of thing to have a budget nor to be an organization, so that's something to remember for the future.

But now...there really isn't a reason to go to GK 10...unless...

We're trying to get an alternative gig somewhere. A place to get a good practice gig in--a restaurant, a party or something. Sometime before Aki-Con rolls around. We'll see.

In other news...may have plans for New Year's eve/day already....!

Soul Candy: Otaku Rock

Hi folks, here's a little indulgent plug for the new band:

Our own Facebook page:


Also, Kumi-chan asked us to perform at Gasukan 10 in October, which will be GK's first year anniversary!

And it's official we're guests at Aki-con!:


Wow this is overwhelming...

Panels at Sakura Con

Hey kids now would be a good time to plug some panels at Sakura Con this year.

First is the panel I'm involved known in the schedule as "The Crossplay Panel." I will be one of the moderators for this panel along with Hazel_Secrets and hopefully more. I think it will be a laid back kind of panel. We'll share our experiences with cosplay and talk about things like:

(these are ideas I JUST came up with)
When, how and why we got in crossplaying characters of the opposite sex.
Tips on crossplaying, make-up, accessories, how to "pass" (this will all be PG13 BTW)
Tricky things to work on (like facial hair shadows)
Funny stories
How to choose characters to crossplay

Also in light of some comments on a forum recently, I thought it might be important to discuss the backlash or rather dealing with folks who just "don't get it" and/or don't like crossplay.

I think we'll have a photo slide show of us in costumes at some point during the panel too.

In no way are we experts, and I know for a fact there are others who are more talented than us in crossplay (a guy at AO comes to mind), so anyone is welcome to come and listen, and also offer their own tips and insights as well as experiences. The more the merrier!

The panel will be in Workshop 1, room 206 at 2pm Friday March 28th.

Immediately following us will be:

"Cosplay Photo How-To" on Friday, March 28th at Sakura-Con! In Workshop 1, room 206 at 3:00 PM!

Featuring Darkain and friends--in the same room!

Still working on photos--I just got back from Ocean Shores. Sang some Neil Diamond, Depeche Mode and Beatles at a karaoke bar there lol!

Also I'll probably be trimming a couple of wigs this week.

That's it!


check these out:


(even though I hate NSYNC I like the video)


(sorry that one's kind of ecchi)

Hope your Christmas is very animated!


Traditional Thanksgiving Feast!

Well...tradtional feast Peanuts Style!


Errand done & next cosplay photoshoot

I sent off my passport renewal forms and info! And they're safe because I sent it off certified. I was going to get the photos done at Kinko's, but they're closed! Luckily the Walgreens across the street do photos. Darn we lost Kinko's, Fantastic Sam's, QFC, and Albertson's. The new refurbished Fred Meyer SHOULD be open by December I hope.

Okay so here's information on this month's photoshoot (as organized by my friend Kumi-chan):

Gasukan 2: Crossing Over

Date: November 18th
Time: Noon (can start gathering at 11)
Location: W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory in Tacoma
Theme: Crossing Over

Address: 316 South G St, Tacoma, 98405 (in Wright Park)
Information on the location: http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/page.php?id=21

"Crossing Over" can mean several things:

1. characters from anime/manga/games that have a spiritual theme
2. characters that are spirits, or dead in the series. That can mean characters who were killed off in the series too.
3. characters from different series interacting. They can be series by the same creator, or by different creators altogether. For example pair up Anna from Shaman King with Ichigo from Bleach.
4. CROSSPLAY of course! Girls cosplay male characters...and vice versa!

This is the same day as the SC staff meeting, but I'm going to a SC prog meeting beforehand, so I should be covered. I have to support Kumi-chan the organizer too! That is all. Any changes I know of I'll let you know. See you there!

Cosplay...the future

Just bought a costume today...

A little impatient for next year, but there was like one left and I didn't want to miss it. I've been eyeing it since April.

So you won't see it until next year HA HA! It could be a HIT!
That's all I'll say for now. Ja ne!

Phun with Photos

Mmmm...I gotta go to the doctor tomorrow. My body is "acting funny." Better have it checked out.

In other news, I'm adding "character spotlight" sub-galleries at my cosplay.com page. Then I can add photo links to my costume gallery. Check it out I have a few up so far:


so far I have links up to Shin Ani-maid, Nana1, Nana3, Ichigo and Ranma. More to come.

Sakura Con stuff

Went to the monthly SC meeting where there was a lot of info for me to gather.

suite, panel, SC critiqueCollapse )
Nevertheless Sakura con should be great next year.

Some cosplay pics

Here are the pics took with my camera from Thursday:


here are Klint's photos that include Ranma and Akane ones too:


Not too shabby!

Hey I'm watching the anime Paradise Kiss which is a cool show by Ai Yazawa the creator of NANA. Check it out--kick ass theme songs!

That is all.