27 January
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Born amongst a large extended family that continues to grow too much, although lately it's unfortunately gotten smaller. Attended school with nothing major happening. I used to collect OSTs because that was the only good music. Learned to play guitar. Took French classes so I can understand it pretty well, though I've had no practice. But I know very little Spanish. Went to college and graduated, work on and off. In college I got heavily into rock music of the time, joined a band for a short time. After that I worked in a video store for a few years and became a movie freak. Then I got heavily into Hong Kong films and even went there twice. Met Jackie Chan and John Woo. Then I started watching anime and been hooked ever since, going to cons and cosplaying, especially the last couple of years because I hooked up with some real nice friends. Cosplay also means crossplay, and that's a lot of fun. Have more friends now than I ever had in school, mainly cause I've become more socialable in the last 3-5 years, an amazing feat for me. Kind of getting old to party but I still do it lightly like at cons. Had health problems so I've had to cut my favorite foods and drinks, but I look and feel good mostly. Happy to say I'm seeing someone. Been living in Kent all my life but I hope to be on my own REAL soon.